The network Procivis and Anah will fight together against energy poverty

The network Procivis, a specialist in the homeownership of the property within the HLMS, and Anah have signed an agreement to extend the offer of funding for the work of energy renovation for households of modest. They will contribute more to the goal of 100,000 housing units renovated per year.
They are already partners, but intend to accentuate their common actions : the national Agency of habitat (Anah) and the network Procivis have decided to extend their offering of innovative financing solutions to households affected by energy poverty. The agreement has two objectives : the 53 limited companies cooperatives the public interest and is for homeownership (Sacicap) federated at the level of the national network is committed to amplify their social missions by disbursing a minimum of 17 M€, and to focus their interventions on the condo sector weakened. On the other hand, that Procivis proposes to the future government of an innovative model of financing of the renovation of the private park. The Anah y will work on issues such as the distribution of the Eco-PTZ “Live Better” or Loan Advance Mutation, the expansion of regional arrangements or departmental pre-financing of state aid, or the positioning of the Sacicap as the major actors of the companies third party financing at regional level.
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The two partners say : “The fruit of this joint work must contribute to the achievement of the objectives set by the law of energy Transition : renovate for energy production of 500,000 units per year starting in 2017, of which at least half is occupied by households with modest incomes, thus targeting a 15% reduction of energy poverty by 2020“. It is expected that Procivis renew its own agreement with the State, to the end of 2017. In this framework, signed in 2007 and updated in 2010, it was expected that 25,000 housing units homeownership to be built : in December 2016, 23.000 had been initiated and 19,000 delivered (19 % in zone Anru, 20 % in PSLA, 7 % in PASS Land or PTZ+, and 54% in price controlled). The real estate subsidiaries of Sacicap grouped within the network with a turnover of over a billion euros 580.000 accommodation managed and 7.150 new housing market.

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