The moral of the real estate professionals at the beautiful fixed

Ever since January 2015, the morale of real estate professionals has not been as good. Since the beginning of the year 2017, 87% consider that the housing market has improved. Details.
It is “the highest score since the launch of the barometer” at the beginning of 2015, have announced the authors of the barometer Crédit Foncier/ CSA on the morale of real estate professionals. In fact, 87% of the respondents have the feeling that the housing market has improved or stabilized over the last four months, that is from January 2017. According to them, the rise in interest rates, engaged since the end of 2016, does not undermine the dynamism of the market.


And 80% are optimistic for the coming year for residential real estate. A figure in constant increase for the past two years (in may 2015, they were 59% positive). The study shows that it is in the West of France, they are the most positive : 88% in the South-West, 85% in the North-West, compared with 75% in the South-East and North-East. The main reasons for this optimism are : the attractiveness of the market (79%), public systems of support (67%) and the level still low, the rate of the credit (66%). Conversely, the economic environment (91%), the level of purchasing power of households (79%) and the uncertainties related to the presidential election (78%) are the main concerns of real estate professionals.


Stagnation of the evolution of prices and the number of transactions


Finally, when asked about the price and the number of transactions in the new and the old, the professionals expect a stability in the market. In the nine, 53% believe prices should remain stable in the next 12 months. They are 36% seeing an increase, compared to only 3% estimate a decrease. The number of transactions is expected to stagnate, according to 42% of the respondents, and to increase to 38%.


The trend is similar in the former, where 53% of those polled are counting on a stagnation of the prices, 23% on an increase and 14% a decrease. In the Ile-de-France, professionals are more likely to consider a price increase (34%), as well as in the south-West (31%). Finally, regarding the number of transactions in the former, 48% expect the stagnation of 32% to an increase and 8% a decrease.

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