The model of an artery paralympic will be unveiled this Friday in Paris

In the framework of the Paris bid for the olympic Games and paralympic in 2024, the city will unveil this Friday, June 30, at the occasion of the night of the accessibility, the model of an artery paralympic. Details.
Paris intends to put all the chances on his side to win the olympic and paralympic Games in 2024. This Friday, June 30, at the occasion of the Night of the accessibility, Bernard Jomier, deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of health and disability, and Jean-François Martins, deputy sports, will unveil “the artery paralympic” through a model that the municipality defines as”innovative and evolving“.


In a press release, the mayor of Paris explained that this project marks his willingness “to offer Games truly inclusive, accessible to all, and to transform durably the City of daily life“. She also said that she wants to “develop a methodological tool to facilitate the accessibility of its public space : the artery paralympic“.


This project responds to a double challenge : on the one hand, to improve accessibility and inclusion of persons with disabilities, and on the other hand, incorporate the measurement 27 “to Accelerate the accessibility of the City” program of support of candidacy of the City of Paris to host the olympic and paralympic Games, and thus bring together and mobilize the world of disability around the Games, “according to the City of Paris. Finally, it specifies that this model of the artery paralympic is intended to evolve based on the contributions of the Parisians and local needs.

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