The mode of employment of the lease real solidarity is known

Two decrees clarify the terms of the lease of real solidarity, established by the law Macron voted in August 2015. This device is designed to expand the supply of housing accessible to households.
The operationalization of the lease of real solidarity (BRS), a new device designed to expand the supply of housing accessible to households of more modest means, comes to be clarified by the publication of two decrees in the official Journal of 11 may.


Provided for by article 94 of the act Macron, 6 August 2015, this device “enables the mounting of real estate transactions in de-linking the ownership of the land from that of buildings, significantly reducing costs,” explains the ministry of Housing, in a press release published on Friday, may 12.


Low-income households can buy or rent is “below market price”


Specifically, new operators, landowners, agencies, land solidarity (FSO), non-profit organizations approved by the prefect of the region, will be able to acquire and manage land, built or not, and dispose of real rights on the buildings to low-income families. Through the lease of real solidarity, a lease of very long-term, households which satisfy the conditions of resources, can buy or rent a home “below market price”, says the ministry, by paying a fee to an FSO. The two decrees specify in particular the ceilings of the sales price or rent, as well as the ceilings of the resources of the households.


“These households will not be able to resell the accommodation at a price sidebar, below the market price, and to a household that meets the same criteria of resources to which they were subjected,” he said.

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