The ministry wants to toughen the fire regulations in buildings

RULES. A month after the fire of the tower, Grenfell, London, the French authorities recently decided to tighten fire regulations in buildings. Details.
A month after the fire of the tower, Grenfell, London, France has decided to engage in a revision of the regulation related to the risk of fire in buildings.


Jacques Mézard, minister of territorial Cohesion, has asked that “regulatory changes are conducted without the wait with the professionals concerned”, based on the recommendations of a preliminary report that the CSTB has to be submitted. The organization had been commissioned in the aftermath of the disaster in london, to perform an audit on the subject. The department stated these in a press release of 17 July 2017.


A supplemental report will identify the buildings like the tower Grenfell

Jacques Mézart has also requested a supplementary report to have the answer to the question that everyone has asked since a month : “specify the identification of buildings that may have similarities with the building Grenfell”. The ministry also refers to a work of determination “of buildings which could present risks in relation to a use of a thermal insulation similar” to that of the tower. Finally, Jacques Mézard has also asked for a “complementary expertise to that he should be handed over operational proposals”. The press release said no more.


The CSTB, in his preliminary report presented to public authorities, recommends the strengthening of “bottom of the fire regulations of buildings”. Will be referred to in particular as”those which are the object of works of renovation in order to better take account of the new construction processes”. There is also the issue of the recent evolutions in the regulations for fire detection, “including the mandatory installation of detectors alarms autonomous of smoke in the housing units”.


If the fire regulations French is clearly among the most demanding, therefore, it seems that there are holes in the racket.

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