The mineral material of construction restarts, the BPE head

Satisfaction within Unicem : the recovery of the activity seems to continue at the end of the spring. The volumes of aggregates and ready-mix concrete are on the rise, thanks to the restart of the housing starts and, to a lesser extent, thanks to public works.
The progression continues, from month to month. The Unicem (Union nationale des industries of quarrying and construction materials) has published its monthly letter for the month of may 2017, and the numbers show that the recovery is there, even if the levels are different according to the indicators considered.


The deliveries of aggregates, for example, stagnated between April and may, but are +4.2% of their level in the month of may 2016. To-date over the first five months of the year, the activity of this segment amounted to +3.8 per cent. A good pace, greatly surpassed however by that of the ready-mix concrete (BPE). The Unicem note : “The movement of recovery is more sensitive even if the pattern is comparable“. The deliveries are therefore stabilised between April and may, but they are +10 % compared to what they were a year ago. In the first five months of 2017, the trend is +6.5 per cent. “The turnaround in the first quarter has been common to almost all of the materials that make up our indicator“, analyse the industrial careers. The rate of growth was +3.7 % between January and march, a trend that would confirm the course of the 2nd quarter, since the activity was +4.8% to the end of may.


All indicators in green
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The monthly newsletter focuses on the economic climate of the construction industry : “After having increased three points in may, the synthetic indicator of business climate wins a point for dropping to a level not seen since August 2011“. On the side of the printing professionals on their order books, opinion surveys exceed the average long-term, “harking back to levels of April 2008“. All segments of the building today would be affected by the recovery, as well construction of residential and non-residential, or maintenance-improvement. Building permits (+15 %) and housing starts (+16,2 %) are on the rise in the first five months of the year. And, according to Unicem, “all the conditions seem to be met so that the climate remains conducive to the consolidation of these trends, “even if the interest rates have gone up slightly and inflation is back. The institutional environment offset these increases through to support devices such as Pinel, and the PTZ to the nine, or other aids for the improvement of housing stock.


Relating to public works, the recovery is also continuing, but at a speed more measured. Some segments such as road work or pipeline, to carry the activity. In April 2017, the work done amounted to +1 % compared to April of 2016 (0.5% in cumulative four months). Positive sign : the order books continue to fill, thanks to the assigned projects of the Grand Paris. The contracts are in net increase (+16.9 per cent year on year), “a figure rather of good omen for the future activity, even if, in absolute terms, the level of orders is still low with respect to the long-term average, “the Unicem.

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