The mille-feuille glass of Françoise Raynaud’s will come to Manhattan

UNIQUE. The architect of the agency at Loci Anima, Françoise Raynaud, was launched as a challenge to achieve by 2019, a mixed tower of 110 meters, in the district of Greenwich in Manhattan, New York city. Discovery of a project is not unusual : the Garden Tower or the mille-feuille of glass.
It is not every day that a French architect, such as Jean Nouvel or Christian de Portzamparc built in New York city (United States). But a woman architect, it would be a first ! Françoise Raynaud, the former associate of Jean Nouvel and is a specialist in the designs of towers is launched in the adventure to Manhattan in a winner in 2015 the international competition for the construction of a mixed use housing and offices in New York. This project is rather unique and unusual designed by architect habs is named the Garden Tower. Before exploring the contours of this “thousand-sheet of glass”, with a height of 110 metres, Batiactu went to meet Françoise Raynaud.


“After my wonderful years with Jean Nouvel, with whom I flew the Tower without end, the Tenaga tower in Malaysia and the Dentsu tower in Tokyo delivered in 2002, I decided to create an agency Loci Anima in 2002. It is an agency based in Paris that combines architecture, urban planning and innovation, has entrusted us with the may 9, 2017, the architect Françoise Raynaud. I’ve developed a work singular, spiritual, worn by my beliefs holistic, that is to say, the temptation to always unite the people as the genres !”


The architect François Raynaud, founder of the agency, Loci Anima. © Loci Anima

Its towers French


Among his accomplishments in France, will illustrate, by example, the film The Warblers developed to Jérôme Seydoux, Paris ; the library Alpha Angouleme or its macro-lot A4-East of Boulogne-Billancourt. As for the towers, “I continued to take an interest”, she says. “Just two years after the creation of my agency, I won the district competition of the Pont d’issy, which has led today to the design of the tower bioclimatic Propeller – three buildings nested, three façades designed according to the exhibition, the outdoor living spaces. I also recall that I participated in the last phase of the international competition for the TGI of Paris, which was won finally by Renzo Piano”, elaborates. Its new tower won this time in the United States is in any case a “beautiful challenge”.
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