The Mies van der Rohe award 2017 awarded to NL architects and XVW architectuur

DISTINCTION. The jury has made its decision : the prestigious 2017 Mies van der Rohe has been given to the operation of the renovation of the building for collective housing Deflat Kleiburg, located in Amsterdam. Firms NL architects and XVW architectuur are at the origin.
For the first time, it is a renovation project that has been awarded by the european Union prize for contemporary architecture Mies van der Rohe. In 2017, it is as well the building of collective housing Kleiburg, located in Asmterdam, who was honored. It was restored by NL architects and XVW architectuur. This result has just been announced at a press conference held in Brussels, by the european Commission and the Fundació Mies van der Rohe. 355 projects from 36 european countries were in competition, including the musée memorial de Rivesaltes Rudy Ricciotti.


“Deflat is a renovation of innovative one of the largest apartment buildings in the netherlands called Kleiburg, a slab bent of 50 apartments in the neighborhood of Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam”, one can read in a press release. “The consortium Deflat has saved the building from bankruptcy by turning it into a ‘Klusflat’, so that people renovate their apartment by themselves.”


The layout of the apartments left to the free choice of the inhabitants


Indeed, if the main building equipment (elevators, corridors, and facilities) have been renovated, the apartments have been left blank : no kitchen, no shower, no heating or rooms. A large site has therefore been left to the intervention of people. The architectural gesture is, from this point of view, reduced to its simplest expression. A feature that has clearly pleased the judges.


“The jury has highlighted the fact that the project is a collective effort of a large number of people”, can we read in the press release. “The architectural concept was to transform the mega-blocks into a residential building contemporary with a certain degree of flexibility in internal planning.”


For the president of the jury, the project “pushes the boundaries of current to the housing crisis in european towns and cities where, too often, the only ambition is to build more houses a year-over-year, while the deeper issue of the type of housing needed remains unanswered. Kleiburg helps us to imagine a new kind of architectural project, which responds to the changing habits of households and ways of life in the twenty-first century.”


The awards ceremony will take place on the 26th of may, at the Mies van der Rohe pavilion in Barcelona.


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