The member of energy advocates the rise of a tax funding the renewable ENERGY

On July 28, 2017, the Commission for energy regulation has advised to increase 17% a fee for financing in particular the support of renewable energy.
The Commission of energy regulation (CRE) has recommended an increase of 17% in 2018 in the amount of the CSPE, a tax charged on the electricity bill for financing in particular the support of renewable energy, according to a resolution published Friday 28 July 2017.


With this tax, the Contribution to public service electricity (CSPE), is used to cover the expenses of the public service missions of the historic operator EDF, including those related to redemption at an improved price of electricity of renewable origin and social tariffs. According to the CRE, the State will have to compensate EDF to the tune of 7,93 billion euros in 2018.


69% of the CSPE is used to support renewable energies


In detail, 69% of this amount corresponds to the support for renewable energies, 39% for solar photovoltaic and 19% for wind, 18% corresponds to the cross-subsidisation in areas that are not interconnected (overseas, etc), 9% in the support for cogeneration (production of heat and electricity), 2% to social tariffs and 1% to support the injection of biomethane in the gas networks.


Last year, the amount of the CSPE had remained stable at 22.5 euros per megawatt-hour consumed, contrary to the recommendation of the CRE. This represented about 16% of the electricity bill. Since last year, it is up to Parliament to determine the evolution of the tax, in the context of the adoption of the Finance law.

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