The living room, elected favourite room of the French in 2017

According to a study on the perception of French people in relation to their internal, 83% of respondents believe that the living room is the room where they feel the best in them. The piece is at once a refuge, a place to their image and flexible as multifunction. Explanations.
The French like their living room. According to a recent survey* conducted on the occasion of the Fair of Paris by the cabinet office trends Nelly Rodi, 83% of French people interviewed believed that it is the room of their dwelling in which they feel the best. They love its calm, its tranquillity and its relaxing side. Moreover, 37% of the respondents felt that developing the lounge, it is above all to be able to sit comfortably. As well, the couch is, for 82% of the French, the object they find most essential in their living room.


Once frozen, the living room becomes a flexible space


But if the lounge is much appreciated, it is also for its modularity. “Within the habitat, the living room becomes a real living room, which is module and changes depending on the needs and desires of its occupants”, decrypts Nelly Rodi. “For 84% of the respondents, the living room is no longer, as formerly, a place frozen and statutory. On the contrary, it becomes a much more fickle and scalable”, the study says. Now, in addition to relax and watch tv, we work, we play, we receive there, we discuss and we found it in the family. In short, we practice all kinds of activities. More than a simple room, the living room is transformed into an real platform in the house.


The French like to furnish and decorate this room. The furnish because it is a room in which one can introduce many innovations. And decorate because they think they can make a room that looks like them, that reflects their personality, and they did not hesitate to do so. 45% of respondents indicate as well regularly the shopping to beautify their living room. Instead of being frozen in time, the decoration of the room is now changing with the seasons : it follows the trends. We like to expose parts carefully selected, including objects of art


In summary, the living room is now multi-faceted : it is both a place of refuge, a cocoon, a flexible, multi-function and exhibition space.


*Survey self-administered online in march 2017 on a sample of 800 individuals representative of the French population aged 18 years and over.


A Fair of Paris 2017 resolutely house


The Paris Fair returns April 27-may 8, 2017, in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. And for this new edition, the event has decided to refocus on the offer House & Habitat. In the program : 140 000 m2, 600 exhibitors and 4 distinct worlds dedicated to renovation projects, landscaping, beautification and optimization of its interior and, finally, of its exterior. Enough to allow each and everyone to find his account !

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