The lift will write to the presidential candidates in the 2017

The Federation of elevators has interviewed the presidential candidates in the 2017 on their intentions in terms of accessibility of housing and home maintenance. A subject, according to the organization, too much is put aside in their programs and during the debates, so that it potentially concerns all French people.
For the Federation of elevators (FA), issues of access to housing and home maintenance have been virtually ignored during the presidential campaign. “Gold, three French people out of ten will be over seventy years of age in 2035″, says the organization in a press release. “Anticipate the adaptation of the habitat to meet the mobility needs of the population and of access to housing has become an issue of major societal.”


The elevator occupies, according to the FA, a place of choice in this issue. However, “in 2015, according to our estimates, the rate of equipment per 100 inhabitants was 0.76 in France, compared with 1.57 in Italy and 2.15 in Spain”, she says. Result : “Nearly one in two French living in collective housing does not have an elevator.” The professional organisation has, therefore, sent the applicants a letter listing a series of questions. “Beyond the consensus principle on these priorities, it is necessary to go further,” says Pierre Hardouin, president of the Federation of elevators. “Concrete actions are not at the rendez-vous of the programs to date. And if the law on the adaptation of society to the ageing of December 2015 is intended to go in this direction, fore and found a discrepancy, if not a contradiction between the reality in the field of collective habitat and the view of the law.”


Open the QUOTES for the renovation of the elevators


To recall, the organization had published, in December 2016, its manifesto containing a number of proposals. Among them: encourage them with a bonus of constructability sponsors to integrate, since the phase of preconstruction, the space required for the installation of an elevator, or even make them eligible for the modernisation and renovation of lifts for the tax credit on the energy transition (CITE).

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