The letter of Emmanuelle Cosse the next minister of Housing

Before giving up its place to the ministry of Housing, Emmanuelle Cosse has sent a letter to the one who will take his succession. She calls him to lead an ambitious and determined.
It is on his account of Facebook that the minister of Housing Emmanuelle Cosse has chosen to apply to the minister to replace the Housing. In a letter published on Sunday on the social network, the minister evokes from the first line, “the vote of protest or secessionist in too many of the territorys”, which is expressed during this presidential election. A result which “involves answering and re-create the links weakened between the citizen, the political and public intervention” to “succeed in the next five years, “she wrote.


Emmanuelle Cosse hope that “the general mobilization in the area of housing” “continue, even if amplified through a political action ambitious and determined“. She then came back on the set of actions and reforms that have been carried out or committed, referring to “an intense five years to overhaul the legislative and regulatory“.


The minister of Housing of François Hollande recalls the importance given to the construction and affordable housing. With its 18 billion euros of public support, the construction sector has overcome the crisis of 2008, and produced nearly 400,000 new homes per year – below, however, the goal of 500,000 set by François Hollande, in favor of very low interest rates and government support (PTZ, device tax “Pinel”) reinforced.


An impulse, even stronger the power of the public” for the energy renovation


Considering that the recovery plan adopted in 2013 has not been the level of needs, it states that the tax advantage granted to the investors purchasing a home for the rent, the “Duflot” – much more restrictive than the “Scellier” who had preceded him had been “numerous perverse effects“.


As the new President of the republic, Emmanuel Macron wants to exempt 80% of the French property tax by 2020, Emmanuelle Cosse encourage them to “invite the more upstream possible in the construction tax, which should be open, “she wrote, opposite Bercy.


In the area of energy renovation, to double the number of renovated housing units to reach 500,000 per year, a goal not achieved within five years, will require “a pulse even stronger the power of the public, “she continued.


Finally, Emmanuelle Cosse is also called to develop the political accommodation of migrants, initiated during the quinquennium which has seen the creation of 10,000 seats in the CAD (centres for the reception and guidance) to regions and nearly 10,000 in centres hosting migrants in the Ile-de-France, in this post. “This policy is intended to last because the application migration is going to last, “she commented in an interview with the AFP. The future government should “adopt a real plan of reception of migrants”, according to it, for example by populating the platform of vacant housing for refugees, while some still occupy seats in centre for asylum seekers for lack of accommodation elsewhere.

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