The kitchen of the future as seen by 9 architects and designers

Under the impetus of the brand home appliances KitchenAid, nine architects and designers were invited to think about the layout of the kitchen of tomorrow. The vegetable capsule to the compact box through the kitchen ultra futuristic, their visions provide a glimpse of what could become the room in the future. Discovery…
9 architects, 9 projects, 9 kitchens. Noting that our lifestyles have evolved considerably in recent years, the renowned american home appliance brand KitchenAid was recently interviewed about the impact of these social and cultural transformations had on our kitchens. For this, she has gathered around her 9 interior architects and international designers : Victor Vasilev (Bulgaria), Kensaku Oshiro (Japan), Bernhardt & Vella (Germany), Sergio Castiglia (Italy), Marc Sadler (France), Rachel Laxer (Great Britain), Tor Interiors(Great Britain), Matali Crasset (France) and, finally, Massimo Marzorati.


The challenge : to invent the perfect kitchen


Has all of the same setpoint had been given, namely, “to invent the perfect kitchen”, a kitchen that would meet the new needs of the users while putting the act of cooking in the heart of the piece. While reserving, of course, a place of choice in devices of the brand.


Dubbed “Serious About Food”, the project has allowed for the emergence of 9 prospective vision of the kitchen. Among them, the amazing vegetable capsule designed by Matali Crasset (see our slide show in the following pages). The principle is simple : the kitchen is headed by a greenhouse that provides cooks with the vegetables and fruits they need to prepare their dishes, from the earth to the frying pan without any intermediary !


Another designer, another project. At Marc Sadler, the kitchen turns into a compact box that opens into two parts. Inside of this box, all the necessary amenities for cooking, storage and preparation of food. The technique that disappears in a simple rotary motion… Almost magical !

Discover in the following pages what might look like our kitchens tomorrow…

Note : After having been presented in Milan, the projects will be shown again during the Festival Days from 10 to 14 May at the Galerie Joseph in Paris, then from 16 to 24 September, during the Design Week of London.
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