The industrial site of Airbus Helicopters takes off at le Bourget

EVENT. While the aeronautical living room of le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis) is open to the public until 25 June, the firm of architects from toulouse Kardham Cardete Huet has just achieved a new industrial site for Airbus Helicopters on the airport platform. Discovery.
After you have designed Aeroscopia, a cultural space on Toulouse-Blagnac airport is dedicated to the history of aviation, the society of architecture of toulouse Kardham Cardete Huet stands out this time at le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis), through the creation of the industrial site of Airbus Helicopters. It is, therefore, on the occasion of the 52nd salon aéronautique du Bourget, which is open until 25 June, welcoming over 350,000 visitors, the architects toulouse have recalled the design of this new building delivered in December 2016.


Recall that the company Airbus Helicopters formerly Eurocopter since 2014 had decided to move to La Courneuve to Dugny and Bonneuil-en-France (Val-d’oise), to 17.8 ha in the north of the former naval air station to Dugny-Le Bourget. The work began in 2014 to a move in 2017.


“Settling on the former military base of Dugny, the new site of Airbus Helicopters, moved on the platform of the airport of le Bourget, and this program is part of the continuity of two airports in the metropolitan area : the airport business, le Bourget and Charles de Gaulle international airport”, reminiscent of the designers.
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For the design of this industrial site is not up to standard, 60.200 m2, Kardham Cardete Huet Architecture has mobilised its reflection around the anticipation. “The architecture reflects this desire for innovation and creates the true unity of place, time and action of the site, report the architects in toulouse. By the homogeneity of forms and materials, this writing fluid unifies and encompasses the diversity of buildings and their uses.”


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