The IHR denounces his removal forced march, and without consultation

INTERVIEW. While the government referred to the suppression of the RSI December 31, 2017, the applicant denounces a “49.3 social” and claims to be received by Emmanuel Macron and his staff of the department. The details of Bernard Delran, first Vice-president of the self-employed scheme.
The future of the IHR is the subject of intense discussion for months. During the presidential election campaign, several candidates had already voted for its deletion. The election of Emmanuel Macron has not calmed the fears of the social plan of independents, who want to make people wait.


In a press release the hard-hitting title, issued June 21, 2017, the IHR denounces “a removal forced march,” and is astonished at the lack of consultation with the directors of the IHR. The body requires a “hearing with the president of the Republic and its government“.


“The removal, it is necessary to explain it”, Bernard Delran, RSI


At the meeting of the national office of the national directors of RSI, the day before, they have found “the silence of the president of the Republic and his government in the face of multiple requests for meetings made these last few weeks“. The RSI explains that the directors have been “alerted to the 31 may 2017, by way of the press, of the announcement of the government spokesman referring to the deletion of the IHR to December 31, 2017“. “The government has indicated that reform of the IHR, would be undertaken from 1 January 2018“, describes Bernard Delran, first Vice-president of the IHR. And since this announcement is “no big thing. Everything is blurry, we don’t know where we are going“, he complained. “The removal, it is necessary to explain“, he continues and for the moment, he finds “that”there is nothing specific“. He deplores the fact that the IHR have not been received, not even by his supervising minister.


“A mark of contempt”


What is the project that we are going to submit ? “asked Bernard Delran. “Has six months from the due date, the least of things, this is to tell us what needs to be improved,” says-t it. He continues : “We fear a analysis too fast and the situation that would align the self-employed scheme the general scheme. This last has not the same aims. The RSI has been created for self-employed not employees“. He deplores the silence of the government and, as the body, he considers “as a mark of contempt for the treatment of the plan which corresponds, according to the IHR, a “49-3 social“.


The deletion of the IHR ? “Unthinkable” for Bernard Delran


But the IHR does not “let it go“, explains Bernard Delran speaking of a “point of departure for a struggle for amméliorer the RSI“. Waiting for a response, the body will hold on the 28th of June a national board of directors extraordinary expanded to the presidents of the 29 regional banks. “We hope to make people aware that we are a force to be representative and that the specificity of the independent can not be ignored. The accompaniment of the insured is an item that the RSI puts in before and would like to defend, “says IHR.


The evocation of a deletion of the IHR, Bernard Delran responds : “I don’t believe in it. It is unthinkable”.

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