The hospitals intend to take advantage of the strengths of the Bim operating

MAQUETTE NUMÉRIQUE. Hospitals, buildings of a more complex plan to take advantage of all the solutions offered by new technologies. But one of the most anticipated tools, even “idle”, is the one of the Bim operations. Lighting with Jacques Roos, president of Engineers hospitaliers de France (IHF).
Among the players to be the most interested in the progress made possible by the digital model, are likely to hospitals. This is why this subject has been one of those covered during study Days and training of engineers hospitaliers de France (IHF), which was held in Paris from 14 to 16 June 2017.


“The Bim challenges us in two respects”, explains Jacques Roos, president of IHF, Batiactu. “First of all, in the design of the building, as networks are very complex in a hospital. But this aspect is now back in morals, and many large firms of architects are already at the point. The other issue, which remains fallow, but we are very interested in, it is one of Bim in building operations and maintenance.” In effect, the hospital must make especially in the face of two requirements : reliability and non-interruption of services.


In a hospital, 50.000 orders of service are given each year


“The Bim exploitation would allow to quickly identify where there is a”malfunction, “explains Jacques Roos. “In case of trouble on the central management of air, a service agent may, for example, to come on the site with a tablet and know immediately what is the pump not working.” On average, per year, 50,000 of orders of maintenance are performed in a hospital. “We share with the architects to ensure that the digital model is not overloaded with information”, explains Jacques Roos. “We want to have the most important data for us : high voltage, low current, hvac, plumbing, medical gas, transportation, automatic…”


Connected objects (like a faucet “intelligent”, for example), also come in addition to the Bim. With all the security issues that this raises. Because it is out of the question, of course, to take the risk of being divulged information about a patient. “And it is more than imperative that our facilities are not contaminated by a virus !”, adds Jacques Roos. “Our buildings have become so complex that we can’t manage without the digital tools. This is why we are interested in these solutions, but we want to ensure that they do not represent a risk”, he concludes.

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