The Halle Ponsan relives and extends to the edge of the Garonne

BORDEAUX. Carried out by Eiffage, the conversion of a former market hall in the ZAC Saint-Jean is progressing. The building of concrete stretched in length, dating from the late 1930s, has been equipped with three buildings perpendicular, a any other template. Guided tour by Michel Delplace, architect of the Agency Nicolas Michelin & Associés (ANMA).
The Euratlantique project is a huge project of urban rehabilitation, which is spread on both banks of the Garonne river in Bordeaux. A right of way is so immense that it is divided into large-scale urban planning divided in fifteen districts. Among all these operations, that of the ZAC Saint-Jean includes the renovation-extension of the halle Ponsan, the old market to the oxen, which is nearing its end.


Michel Delplace, associate architect at ANMA, reveals : “The hall has been recovered in a sad state. Partially damaged by a fire in 1998, it was the abandonment“. However, this long building is open, made of concrete and glass tiles, dated to 1938 and deserved to be preserved as urban heritage. The operation, conducted by Eiffage South-West, therefore, has been to transform the halle open in commercial spaces are closed, and to add to this existing a part intended to house a hotel and spaces in the tertiary. “The result of this are three new buildings, perpendicular, preserving the negative the volume of the place which was existing“, summarizes the project manager. We thus find, dug in these three buildings, the concave shape of the hall, in the form of awnings and large halls interiors.


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