The government starts working to a law for the Housing

DEMENTI. While many media outlets publish the guidelines for a hypothetical project of law on Housing, the ministry of territorial Cohesion specific to Batiactu that nothing is down for the moment. Details.
At the end of last week, the newspaper “The Opinion” published an article in which he argued that a bill “brawny” on the Housing was in the cards of the government. It provided, in particular, to the extinction of the device Pinel, however, is widely supported by the actors of the new construction. Some of these details have since been duplicated by other media. The Echos argue that the existence of this project has been confirmed by the minister of territorial Cohesion, Jacques Mézard.


Contacted by Batiactu, the ministry of territorial Cohesion has, however, denied these information. “We have initiated a reflection on a draft text on housing”, informs a spokesperson of the ministry. “We are just at the beginning, nothing is defined ! Some newspapers refer to a text, and a calendar-but we do not at the moment, neither the one nor the other.” However, a draft law is well on track. “We réflechissons currently to the topics that we are going to discuss”, adds the ministry. One thing is for sure : “We will continue, by this bill, the commitments of the president of the Republic.”


The candidate Macron was committed to do not delete “brutally” the Pinel


The best way to know what awaits the housing sector is so visibly re-read the program of the candidate of power up !, which had granted an interview to Batiactu on the eve of the second round of the presidential election. As a reminder, the future head of State announced the broad lines of its policy for the building : do not delete “brutally” the device Pinel, and the PTZ, to engage in a vast plan of renovation of dwellings (half of them by 2022), transform the tax Credit for the energy transition (ISCED) as a bonus immediately noticeable at the time of the work and not the following year, and, finally, define a mechanism of conciliation of the work of keeping seniors at home and energy-efficient renovation work.

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