The government sets the objective of high speed broadband for all by 2022

The public authorities wish to market the sector of high speed broadband in order that the entire territory be covered to the horizon 2022. Details.
Following a working meeting, on 7 July 2017, bringing together the main actors of the value chain of high speed broadband, the public authorities (1) recalled the ambition of the government in terms of coverage, very high speed : coverage of the whole territory fixed maturity of 2022 and acceleration of the mobile coverage with the end of the white areas 4G.


To achieve these objectives, the government has asked the operators to speed up the deployment of fixed and mobile networks and to define a detailed roadmap in September 2017 to reach the target set by the government. Attention will also be given to the visibility and predictability of deployments wired and 4G mobile, so that we can put in place an observatory unique in the digital coverage, which is updated each quarter.


Has the approach of the national Conference of territories (CNT), the 17 July, the government wishes to reaffirm the importance of deploying High-Speed broadband and telephony to fight against the territorial fractures and accelerate the transition to digital, in france as in the overseas territories.


(1) Jacques Mézard, minister of territorial Cohesion, Julien Denormandie, secretary of State at the ministry of territorial Cohesion, Mounir Mahjoubi, the secretary of State in charge of Digital and Benjamin Griveaux, secretary of State at the ministry of Economy and Finance

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