The government promises an increase in the purchasing power for the independent

TAXATION. Gérald Darmanin, minister of the Action and of public Accounts, said on Thursday 3 August that 75% of independents would benefit from increased purchasing power. Details.
When questioned by a listener of the radio France Inter, August 3, Gérald Darmanin assured the independent that they were in a majority take advantage of the government’s fiscal policy. “You are going to have an increase of the CSG”,- t-he first stated. “But we will compensate for the increase in the CSG for 75% of independents.”


Thus, for 75% self-employed whose income is less than or equal to 4,000 euros, there will be “a gain”purchasing power”, assured the minister. In the same way as for employees, the self-employed will benefit from a reduction of their employee contributions. Those who earn more than 4,000 euros, will be paid to the increase of the CSG, but will not become purchasing power.

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