The government is announcing a shot of a plane on the housing aid

FINANCE. The government has announced a reduction of five euros of aid for housing from October. And the future of the scheme Pinel does not seem to acquired. Decryption.
The spectrum of a shot of a plane on the housing assistance over the past few weeks. It has now become a reality. In fact, the ministry of territorial Cohesion has just announced that the housing subsidies were to decrease uniformly to 5 euros per month and per household from October. This has been decided in the framework of a “reform of the economy, the budget decided under the five years previous and not yet applied”, indicated to the AFP a ministry official, indicating that a deletion pure and simple of the APL, which benefit students and which had been referred to by some media, “has never been contemplated” and would have “no meaning”. The ex-minister of the Budget François Hollande, Christian Eckert, a refuté these assertions. “We have never considered. Ever. I am formal. It doesn’t seem fair”, he assured.


The personal housing aid benefit the total to 6.5 million French households, of which approximately 800,000 students, and cost 18 billion euros per year to the State budget. Paid by the family allowance Fund (CAF), they break down into three categories: the personalised aid to housing (APL), allocation of family housing (ALF), and the allocation of social housing (ALS). According to a calculation of the AFP, a decrease of 5 euros per month and per household will save $ 32.5 million euros monthly to the taxpayers, so a little less than 100 million euros over the last three months of the current year.

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The maintenance of Pinel in 2018 does not seem to acquired

A small sentence of the speech of Emmanuel Macron, during his introductory speech at the national Conference of the territories, has been able to make wince for real estate professionals : “as For housing, again, this is a differentiated response that we have to make. As we well know, the policies that are to encourage the construction of housing throughout the territory with fiscal tools, extremely expensive do not work anymore.” The president of the Republic had promised, during his campaign, not to stop abruptly Pinel. His state of mind he evolved ? It is clear from these remarks that the maintenance of Pinel in 2018 does not seem to acquired, and even less for the following years.

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