The French specialist of transport by cable-Poma believes in the wind

The technology of the lifts in the wind energy there would be only a step Poma, historical actor of the transport cable has crossed. The French company has invested€ 16 Million to build a 1-unit assembly of nacelles, which enters production this year. David Saint-André, in charge of this activity, returns to Batiactu on this important industrial development.
Batiactu : How came the idea for Poma to come to produce wind turbines ?
David Saint-André : the technology of the lifts has been used by Leitwind (another company of the group italient HTI), there is a fifteen years to develop a wind turbine. The principles are relatively close together (bearings, logistics of large components, electromechanical components), and the transfer happened quite naturally when Poma was looking to develop a transport cable of a power of the order of 1 MW. It is an industrial project of diversification where areas of competence are shared and synergies between activities many. The incline of the machine will now be produced to Gilly-sur-Isère, where an investment of€ 16 Million has been achieved. The plant employs a hundred people, but will have the capacity to increase this figure to 150. And it has the possibility to further extend the assembly halls. It is simply a matter of the first plant of onshore wind turbines multi-megawatt of France.
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Factory Gilly-sur-Isère © Poma


Batiactu : What exactly is the technology being used, and what stands out-t-it from the competition ?
David Saint-André : it is a technology to direct attack and permanent magnets, which means that there is no multiplier between the rotor and the generator, which needs to spin at 1,500 revolutions/minute. This heavy gearbox of the wind turbine application control and presents works by movement, so an increased risk of mechanical failure. Without it it is therefore more reliable, as attested by the rate of availability of the machines Poma-Leitwind, which is 98.9 %, which is extremely interesting for an operator to park. In addition, the generator rotates at the same speed as the blades, which induces less effort. The current is produces at a frequency different from that of the network, which implies the need of a converter of electrical power, which, in turn, aid in the management of the network by modulating the reactive power (consumed or injected) and voltage. Finally, the generator is more compact. It is a technology that is ergonomic, since the interventions on the converter is at the foot of the tower, while those on the generator are components directly accessible. Everything is easier than on other wind turbines.
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