The French loans to reduce their energy consumption

In the Face of rising energy prices, an Ifop survey has questioned the French on their expectations and actions to adopt in their daily lives to reduce their consumption. For energy savings, what are they ready ?
An Ifop poll, conducted for Eni in February 2017, reveals that the rise in prices of energy compels the French to reduce their comfort. One out of two French said to be more alert to their consumption, whether it is electric or gas. In fact, 50% admit to having reduced their consumption and over a quarter have reduced the temperature of the heating. So far, the price increase does not cause him to choose another provider.


From an environmental point of view, 60% of the respondents are sensitive to energy savings and are willing to reduce a little their comfort. For this, 55% said they are of low energy light bulbs, and 43% lower heating and air conditioning. They are 84% to judge these actions that are simple to implement and 81% finding them effective.


Financial aid for the renovation work is considered important but little-known


The study also noted that 57% of French people place a “high importance” aus financial aid granted for the renovation work. However, she noted a “little knowledge” of the aid. Thus 32% of the respondents say they never have heard by the certificates of energy saving (EEC). This could also explain why 26% of households reported renovations of energetic in their housing during the past two years, while they are 59% believe that this aid would encourage them to do so.

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