The French are still too few to change energy supplier

On 1 July 2007, the electricity market and natural gas was opened to competition, allowing consumers to switch energy supplier. Ten years later, if they are aware of this right, they are still too few to pass the act.
Ten years ago, a small upheaval struck the energy sector. On 1 July 2007, the electricity market and natural gas for individuals is libéralisait. The key to the consumer : the right to change supplier, therefore, to make the competition to find the best offers. Only here, in the last ten years, the conclusion is always the same : if individuals know now this right, they are still little to enforce it. “Nearly 85% of the French are still in possession of a contract at the regulated rate of electricity, while 68% consider the opening of the market as a good thing,”said Jean Gaubert, the national ombudsman of energy.

The complexity of the market scares consumers

The fault of what ? The complexity of the market, which scares the consumer and slows down to take steps. It must be said that with two managers of distribution networks and no less than 21 national providers of electricity and/or natural gas, regulated prices, price-indexed and fixed prices, the sector, its actors and its functioning, are difficult to understand for individuals. An example among others : “only 28% of them know that ENGIE and EDF are of different companies and competitors that provide both electricity and natural gas”.


An ignorance persistent, which confirms that, even today, the importance of the daily work done by the energy ombudsman. As an independent public authority, it has a mission to provide amicable solutions to resolve conflicts between the companies of the energy sector and consumers, but also and especially to inform them about their rights. To help compare offers, it offers in particular a comparator, neutral and independent, which is updated daily :

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