The Fnaim is launching an observatory of market rental

The French National real Estate federation (Fnaim), has just made public the first results of the Oslo Observatory of the statistics of the rental. Thanks to this new tool, it hopes to further improve the knowledge – rental amounts and time limits rental – rental markets French and more particularly the local markets. Zoom.
Because for the Fnaim there are still gaps in the observation of the rent, she has created Oslo. An observatory dedicated precisely to the observation of the rental markets, particularly local markets, the results of which are obtained from the collection of information contained in the 250,000 ads that it relays on its website and in its 4.000 agencies. “With over 7 million dwellings, the park is private rental lodge about a quarter of French households. Concentrated mainly in the urban areas, it hosts a very large share of households are mobile, especially the youth. that is to say, the knowledge of rental markets is a major issue”, insists Jean-François Buet, president of Fnaim.


For this first wave of observation, Oslo book the mmr and the delays in median of rental. “They will be with time, when with hindsight it will be possible, for example to study the seasonality of the markets”, explains Jean-François Buet. And add : “For tenants and private investors, it is valuable information, because they show the price in local market, the cities with the most and least expensive, those where the market is tight, those where the rental yield is the best”.


28,8 eur/m2 in average in Paris


Concerning rents, no surprise in the regional capitals. Paris, Lille and Bordeaux make up the top three, with respective rents of 28.8 euros/m2, 13,4 € /m2 and 13.3 € /m2. The rates continue to climb in the city of the Gironde department, an increase that confirms its attraction to the French. Orleans, Dijon and Strasbourg are involved in, the bottom of the table with the rent the least expensive. Price to put in relation with those of the real estate. “Dijon was the city where the rental yield is the best, or 6.3%, to compare with Paris, the city the least cost-effective with 3.4%”, analysis of the FNAIM. Same observation for Lyon, Nantes and Ajaccio, respectively, 4,4%, 4,5% and 4.6%, joining the Capital’s side, the cities are less interesting in terms of investment.


The short time limits of restitution in the taut areas


No surprise either on the side of the times of restitution. Taut areas requires, they are particularly short in the big cities : for 33 days in Paris, 31 days in Bordeaux, and only 13 days in Lille. A very rapid rotation, which can be explained by the strong demand, especially student, which boosts strongly the market. Conversely, in cities where the rents are low, the time span : up to 101 days in Dijon and 59 days in Orleans.

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