The first tree pv takes root in Nevers

Inspired by the acacia of the desert of israel, a amazing tree has just been planted in Nevers. Baptized eTree, this tree is synthetic and is equipped with photovoltaic collectors that produce energy and fuel, and different features. Discovery.
It is a plantation that does not pass unnoticed. This may 29, 2017, the city of Nevers has opened an amazing tree, the first of its kind in Europe, the eTree. On the large square sheets are set of photovoltaic collectors that produce energy. Energy that can recharge his phone or his electric bike. The tree allows you to access the wifi but also to protect themselves from the sun during the day or light up the night.


The invention is the result of a partnership between entrepreneurs from France and Israel, where the first prototype saw the light of day in 2014. The company Sologic has created the “eTree” as a sculpture ecological designed to promote sustainability in small communities. According to its designers, it is capable of producing 7 kW per day, or 1.4 kWh). The current generated continuously and stored in this furniture design and then used throughout the day and night to power a fountain of fresh water, WiFi terminal, an information terminal, interactive digital signage and LED lighting.


Ten trees located in the world


The first “eTree” functional had been presented in 2015 at the Cop 21, held in late 2015 in Paris. It is this one that has just been replanted in Nevers. “It is a symbol of the commitment to digital city for 2014“, explained to AFP the mayor without etiquette of the city Denis Thuriot. “Denis Thuriot had such motivation” because of “what the eTree could bring to his constituents, that we decided to install” the first copy of the european in his city, explained Bernard Bita, one of the co-creators of the tree.


Since 2015, the artificial tree has already been installed in over a dozen cities in the world, including the United States, Israel, and soon in Kazakhstan, and it is of interest of the heavy weights of the internet as Google has also indicated Bernard Bitan. In the public space, in France as abroad, it is installed by JCDecaux, the giant French advertising.


Check out the video presentation of eTree :


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