The FFB is called to promote the “clause Molière” with local buyers

According to the French building Federation (FFB), the clause Molière, which had the objective of making compulsory the French language in the public markets, “may not be declared illegal”. The organization calls on same to promote the device. Explanations.
An interministerial instruction dated 27 April called the prefects to judge the “illegal” clause Molière. But the French building Federation (FFB) did not hear from this ear. The organization is actually to publish on its website a defense of this provision, the object of which is to make it mandatory on public work, the use of the French language.


“This clause needs to be promoted among local buyers”


“This clause needs to be promoted among local buyers in order to enhance security and combat fraud at the detachment on-site CONSTRUCTION”, said gb the federation on its website, scratching the passage the interministerial instruction. “The FFB defends the fact that the clause of a works contract, requiring that employees understand and express themselves in French for the correct technical execution of the work, may not be declared illegal. Such a clause is related to the subject of the contract and is necessary to its proper execution. It is by nature non-discriminatory as it is imposed on all businesses.”


This is not the first time that the organization declares itself in favour of this clause which has caused much ink to flow since its inception a year ago.


Recently, the region of Île-de-France, through the voice of its president, Valérie Pécresse, had criticised the inter-ministry instruction, qualified of “quick communication”. So one thing is clear : the controversy is still alive, and the new government will need to rapidly know its position.

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