The FFB alert on scams targeting the card CONSTRUCTION

FRAUD. According to the French building Federation (FFB), a number of attempts of scams have been identified on the map CONSTRUCTION. Is this a phenomenon that is localized or large scale ? Decryption.
The French Federation of the building sounding the alarm : some people would not hesitate to pass for Pro BTP to sell the business of identification cards in the CONSTRUCTION industry at prices well above its actual price (for a reminder, it is 10.80 euros).


“It’s a scam !”, says the FFB on its website. “The card is a title of official identity, be issued only by the Union des caisses de France (UCF), at the price of 10,80 €, regardless of the number of cards requested, and the type of business. The device is entirely managed by the UCF on the site”


“According to the information that we have, at the moment it is a phenomenon that is highly localized, marginal”, explains Batiactu Union des caisses de France (UCF), which operates the device of the card. “We expected that people try to abuse the companies with the card, but we do attention not to what it to come so soon. We have asked our local offices to be vigilant in the face of this phenomenon.” Pro BTP, contacted by our care, for the time being has not wanted to respond.


To recall, the identification card of the BTP, which is supposed to fight against the illegal work, that is being deployed. It today involves mainly the New-Aquitaine and Occitania. The regions of pays-de-la-Loire, Centre-Val-de-Loire, Burgundy, Franche-Comté and Large Is come to be affected, since may 1, 2017.


Map CONSTRUCTION, how not to be ripped off
– All the process of obtaining the card are on the site
– It is the Union des caisses de France, which operates the device. Pro BTP is not involved in the process of issuing identification cards.
– The single price of a card is 10.80 euros.

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