The ESH formulate six proposals for how to support the social housing

The federation of social enterprises for housing (ESH), a few days before the first round of the presidential election, has made six proposals to “improve and sustain the French model of social housing”.
Isolation of the LPA and the third-party payment, strengthening the NPNRU, simplification normative… The federation of social enterprises for housing (ESH) has made, on the 18th of April, six proposals to the candidates of the presidential election in order to “sustain” the French model of social housing.


To advance its ideas, the organization is in particular based on a study commissioned to the consulting firm Roland Berger, the purpose of which was to assess the impact of the sector HOUSING on the French economy. “Social housing provides an additional purchasing power for its tenants through a reduced rent of € 4.5 bn”, we read in a press release from the fédération des ESH. “The industry emits 0.6% of GDP for the benefit of the national economy and generates 260.000 direct and indirect jobs, a contribution that is stronger than the private.”


Ring-fence the third-party payment for social landlords

It is to maintain this momentum, the ESH call on the government to take a series of measures in favour of social housing. Among the first of these, ring-fence, the personal housing aid (APL) and the third-party payment (which allows the lessor to receive directly the amount of housing assistance that a tenant has the right). A process of simplification, standard-setting would also be welcome, including an “alignment” constraints of the public markets on those of the housing free.


The dynamics of the social housing will not be maintained if, furthermore, the means of the NPNRU are not reinforced. “The Federation of ESH proposes that the government commit adequate funds, comparable to Anru 1, and offer active support to the exploration of alternative trails funding by the operators HLM – such as obtaining loans from the EIB or from the exercise of
funds from institutional investors”, one can read in the press release.

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