The employers ‘ organisations welcome the figures of the representativeness

The figures of the representativeness of employers have fallen on the 26th of April. Several professional associations are welcomed. With, it is true, differences of interpretation and points of view.
What is the employers ‘ organisation of the most representative companies of France ? The figures of the representativeness of employers, released on 26 April by the Directorate general of labour, have not really settled the question, at least on the side of the employers ‘ organizations themselves. As well, several of them have responded by issuing a press release welcoming their own results in terms of numbers of members and employees.


If you stick to the building industry, the FFB and Capeb have responded since the day after the publication of the figures, by way of a press release.


Capeb claims to be “the first employers’ organization in France for all sectors”, in terms of number of companies – in general, each led noon to her door, federations of TPE put forward their weight in terms of number of adherents, and the federations of SMES/ETI/GE put forward their weight in terms of number of employees represented.


The French building Federation (FFB), for its part, claims to be the first federations to “employers” of the sector. The nuance is size : the FFB has 42.144 member companies, against 56.589 for Capeb. But it prevails largely if we take into account the number of employees thus represented : 643.847 for the FFB, 170.592 for Capeb. “The FFB is the only organization that has the right of opposition to the extension of a collective agreement in the two categories [less than ten employees and more than ten employees]”, is also a professional organization.


The U2P is ready to “initiate action”


If we go back a notch, at the level of large federations of employers ‘ inter-professional, the scenario is the same.


The Union of the enterprises of the vicinity, was the first of the “big” to draw them, as early as 26 April, in a press release. The organization claims to be “the first force French business by many companies”. Regretting that the U2P is “under-assessed in the governance of the joint bodies. The measurement system of the hearing of the employers ‘ organisations favours the number of employees compared to the number of companies. The U2P denounce this inequitable situation which undervalues the voice of business to close.”


Two days later, the April, the U2P sink the nail with a second press release. “If the law of 5 march 2014 had not been amended by the government in order to favour the recognition of the employees, the U2P would be the first employers’ organisation in a number of seats within joint bodies.” The organization sees this as an injustice, and reserves itself the right “to engage in soon all the appropriate remedies”.


The Medef, a “majority union at inter-professional level”


For its part, the Medef said in a press release from the 26, be the majority union at inter-professional level. “The Medef represents 71% of the employees of the companies involved,” one can read there. “For memory, the threshold of opposition to a national agreement is fixed by law at 50%. The Medef has thus recognized and confirmed its essential role for the social dialogue.”


Finally, the CPME said in a press release of 26 April, as the figures confirm its “place of second French employers ‘organisation”.

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