The employees most unhappy with the lighting in their office

According to a survey conducted by Opinion matters for Lutron, a large majority of employees work in offices are dissatisfied with the lighting that is being proposed, and this plays on their productivity.
A very large majority (89%) of employees work in the office consider that the lighting in their office affects strongly or very strongly to their quality of life at work, and 79% of them are dissatisfied with their lighting in the workplace. These figures are from a survey (1) survey conducted by Opinion matters for Lutron, a specialist lighting solutions and store.


The question deu link between productivity and lighting quality would be so under-estimated by employers. “32% of respondents said that it helps in the accuracy and visibility of their work, and 27% think that their current light allows them to focus better”, informed us a press release from Lutron. However, 28% of respondents note that their office lighting has no positive impact on them and their work.

Artificial lighting is not perceived as being “too bright”


The main problems due to the lighting are the inability to control self-same light (32%), a source of artificial lighting too bright (32%) and discomfort due to the dazzling light of the sun (18%). “Employers in France should make the satisfaction of their employees, the guarantee of a better productivity, a priority”, commented Christophe Bourges, head of sales Europe South, Africa and Mediterranean Countries at Lutron. “The companies can decide to simply let employees control their own lighting in their offices, thus allowing them to adjust according to their needs”, adds Christophe Bourges.


(1) Survey carried out by Opinion Matters, the survey of 1,000 people aged 22 years and over working in an office in France.

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