The electrical appliances are poorly labeled, alert the DGCCRF

The DGCCRF calls on the labelling related to the energy consumption, for certain types of electrical appliances. Following an investigation conducted by 2016, a large majority of the establishments concerned did not apply correctly the regulations in force.
Devices, appliances, fixtures… All consume more or less energy, but all of them, are subject to the same obligation : to indicate the consumption of energy and other resources (water etc), through a labelling. A way for consumers to choose according. But this regulation is clearly not yet well integrated.


In 2016, the DGCCRF conducted a survey on the following product categories : refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, water heaters and hot water tanks, air conditioners, ovens and hoods domestic electric, household washing machines, and televisions. However, after 1700 of the controls in 580 institutions, of which 60% is retail stores and 9 online stores, it turned out that the absence of labelling was the fault of the most recognized, (73%).


The DGCCRF notes that : “the rate of abnormalities, the most important concern, not only of the products recently submitted to this regulation (water heaters, hoods) but also products which are subject to more long-standing (lamps and luminaires).”


Products that are not well classified


A number of products have been analyzed, “to verify the loyalty of the energy classes advertised,” says the DGCCRF. For example, on three vacuum cleaners and three ovens, abnormalities were noted on two vacuum cleaners. One of which has even been withdrawn from the market, “before the completion of the testing program.”


General consequences, several measures have been applied, depending on the severity. 226 warnings, 26 injunctions, 30 minutes. The views of the anomalies found, the DGCCRF she, intends to pursue its controls in 2017.

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