The ecological transition, “an irreversible momentum,” according to the Ademe

RETROSPECTIVE. Energy Transition, communication campaigns, eco-gestures to citizens, support to renewable energy sources : the environment Agency and energy management (Ademe) draw up the balance of its shares in 2016. More than 300 Million euros of aid have been awarded, of which a part to innovative SMES.
Ademe, created 25 years ago, has become an unavoidable actor of the ecological transition. His action was deemed to be satisfactory by the Court of Auditors, this is a few weeks, even if the high authority felt that improvements could be made to its operation. But the agency argues, in its balance sheet in 2016,”the finest achievements in the service of ambition ecological“. Bruno Léchevin, its chairman and managing director, referring to the success of the COP21 and the entry into force of the Paris Agreement less than a year later, wrote : “A dynamic has been established, whose momentum is not shifted (…) This movement is indeed irreversible“.


The territories at the heart of the transition


Looking back on all the actions carried out by the services of the Ademe, he first of all quotes the role of the territories in metropolitan france or in overseas : “The authorities seized the tools put at their disposal by the ministry of the Environment, as evidenced by the 500 Territories positive energy for green growth, and 153 territories, Zero waste, zero waste, we declare the end of 2016“. The agency plays a key role in accompanying people in their new skills, whether it’s energy or the circular economy, by signing contracts with regional development objectives and in supporting the investments. The heat Fund, for example, managed by the Ademe, has formalized 208 M€ and accelerated the deployment of heat networks with 200 km in the past year. For habitat, the assessment cites the case of Platforms, land of the energy-efficient renovation and Space energy information, to help households to improve the thermal performance of their dwellings. In 2016, 520.000 requests for information have been processed for a population of 13 million residents in areas covered by these platforms territorial.


Another task entrusted to the Ademe, the stimulation of innovation, through the future investment Programme. Over the whole period 2010-2016, the agency announces that it has published no less than 69 calls for projects and retained 578 projects in all. The balance sheet reports that 175 small companies have been supported in the last year, “to move toward the technology of the future and generate jobs“. The financial backers were concerned of the young shoots, as large French companies and cover areas as diverse as energy efficiency, production of renewable, smart grids, or sustainable mobility. As the president of the Ademe is convinced : “The ecological transition, if it is done well, should bring more sustainable growth, competitive advantages for businesses, an increase in the purchasing power of the households (…) The ‘green economy’, which relies heavily on the digital revolution, will result in the disappearance of jobs in certain sectors, but it will create new ones, and the balance will be positive“. According to the scenarios envisaged, with a mix of electric 100% renewable by 2050, France would enjoy 900,000 additional jobs and a GDP higher than +4 %. But the ceo warns : “The transformation towards a low-carbon economy requires investment to the height“.
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To export the French know-how


Finally, the balance sheet 2016 fact state of the need to spread good practice and contribute to the collective expertise, including at the international level. In 2016, so these are 25 operations that have been carried out in the framework of bilateral agreements or international partnerships. Thus, the program “Building a Low Carbon hot climates and tropical” has been launched in the framework of the global Alliance for buildings and construction, just like the first trophies of the adaptation to climate change in the Mediterranean. Ademe claims great expertise in the area of environmental performance of the construction and energy efficiency, which does not know borders. On the side of the training, 141 R&D projects and 52 theses have been financed for a total amount of nearly€ 29 Million. And more than 3,200 people have been trained directly by the Ademe. Bruno Lechevin made a wish in his editorial : to mobilise all collaborators of his agency around a business project that needs to “instill a state of mind” of openness, responsiveness, agility, and listening. For him, no doubt : “The transition is a ” groundswell“.

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