The diy market takes color

Taking advantage of the good situation of real estate, the diy market has surpassed the 25 billion euros of turnover in 2016. Check out the figures of the sector, published this Wednesday, may 3, by Unibal and the FMB.
The figures in the diy market are good for 2016. To demonstrate this, the turnover grew by 1.9%, exceeding 25 billion euros. In comparison, it had increased by 0.6% in 2015 and 0.8% in 2014. The national Union of industrialists of the diy, gardening and landscaping housing (Unibal) and the Federation of diy stores and the layout of the house (Fmb) recall that this dynamic is due “in large part, by the recovery of the real estate market previously blocked, as well in the new than in the old.”


For 2017, they hope that the sector will experience a further increase of between 1% and 2%, but remain cautious given the deadline important election that can have “an effect tactic on bigger projects”, “pushing households to a certain prudence in the management of their budget“.


Two groups concentrated 71% of the market share of the brands


Concerning, the distribution, the agencies note “a clear decoupling between the rapid growth of e-commerce (25%), and the evolution shyest of circuits physical (SSG +1.6% on the trades of +0.6%)“. Although the market share of e-commerce in the diy sector is still low (estimated at 3% of the total market), its margin of progression is high note Unibal and Fmb. The GSB also remain in the circuit predominant (77% of the sector with 19.648 Million€).


Regarding the different departments, the agencies note that in 2016 an increase in the most of them. Only the Electricity has been decreased (4.3 per cent). But this is “due to a bubble in 2015 related to the obligation of households to equip themselves with smoke detectors“. An obligation that had “propelled the sales (+9%)“, reminiscent of the organizations. Finally, they emphasize that the two major groups, Adeo and Kingfisher, are both of them a significant part of the market shares of the brands (respectively 41% and 31%).

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