The definition of the General Building Enterprise – 3 standard diagrams

The General contractor of Building is consulted and then contracted with the Client (Client) a duly formalized site by a quote and a contract works for the particular clauses.

It is commissioned to take charge of all or part of the lots of a construction site under the orders of the Project Manager (an architect) or in the absence of an architect, it is directly supervised by the client and provides a driver Of works that realizes the coordination of site. At EGB Delors, we have a construction manager who performs this role and three building site managers for the three different bodies of states, namely:

  1. Structural structure and foundations (infra and super structure, construction)
  2. The structural work (general masonry, paving, tiling)
  3. The second work (carpentry, electricity and home automation, plumbing, insulation, veneers, plastering, soft floors, parquet floors and paints / finishes)

There are two working schemes for EGB Delors to carry out the work in its role of the General Enterprise which are hereafter:

schéma 2 - définition

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