The cry of alarm of the industry of insulating polyurethane

INFO BATIACTU. For several months the european industry of the insulating polyurethane is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. In question, the shortage of one commodity that results in a price increase and a threat to the manufacturing units of the industry. Interview of Hervé Fellmann, president of the national Union of Polyurethanes (SNPU).
The national Union of Polyurethanes (SNPU) is concerned. While the recovery in the building is there and that the industrial activity of the insulating polyurethane is growing, a problem of size comes the thwarting of the improvement. Since the last quarter of 2016, manufacturers are undergoing “an unprecedented crisis“, according to the union. The reason for this ? A surge in prices associated with the scarcity of some of these raw materials, in particular MDI. A particularly annoying since this chemical component is one of the main components of the polyurethanes, and that it alone represents half the cost of a plate of insulation ABLE.


But how did we get here ? Hervé Fellmann, president of the SNPU wishes first of all to note that there are five or six producers in the world and very few factories in the world. For some time, all the suppliers of MDI are to maximum capacity of production of this raw material. “And unfortunately as soon as there is a problem with any of them, it creates tension and therefore the scarcity of the product increases the price of the raw material“, we he says. If until then the manufacturers have managed to cope with the vagaries of supply, a new event has just worsen the situation. One of the main global producers, Covestro (ex Bayer), meeting an incident in a major industrial forcing it to halt part of its production.


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