The contest of architecture of the facades re-launched in Paris

Abandoned in the 1930s, the contest of architecture of the facades will be re-launched in Paris. The Council of Paris approved the proposal, which will stimulate “creativity of the architects” and raise you “the requirement of aesthetics“.
Launched in 1898 by the city of Paris “to break with what seemed at the time an overabundance of uniformity haussmannian“, the contest of architecture of the facades was then abandoned in the 1930s. More than 80 years later, the contest is going to be launched by Paris in order to “raise the requirement of aesthetics” in the parisian architecture, and to avoid trivialization, announced on Thursday that the group UDI-MoDem of the Council of Paris, which is at the origin of this initiative. The project will soon be submitted to the voting Council of Paris, but is already approved by the executive socialist.


This contest, which rewarded each year the most beautiful facades of buildings carried out in the year in Paris, has “offered to Paris jewels” of Art nouveau, such as the Castel Béranger by Hector Guimard in the Sixteenth or the Lavirotte building in the Seventh, says a press release.


This is to “stimulate the creativity of architects and raise the requirement of aesthetics“, said the chairman of the group Eric Azière in front of the press, pointing to the “normalization and standardization” that threaten the capital. “Since decades, the urban parisian is sadly left to be invaded by real-estate projects in the style, lines and shapes that are not distinguishable from what one could find in any metropolis in the world, “says the group.

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