The construction sector is still growing strong

The figures of the construction in may 2017 fell, and they show that the construction sector is continuing its momentum of strong recovery of the activity.
According to the figures of the construction, released on 28 June by the ministry of territorial Cohesion, from June 2016 to may 2017, 477.600 housing units have been authorized for construction (raw data accumulated over twelve months), representing an increase of 12.9 % compared to the ytd of the previous twelve months. Over the same period, 397.700 housing units were started, a figure up 14%.


Over the last quarter, from march to may 2017, permissions, housing construction grew strongly compared to the previous three months (+7.3 per cent after a 1.1 per cent). They are carried by the collective housing units (+11.4 per cent), while the permissions of individual housing slow down at +1.4% (after +6.6 per cent). After an increase of 3.3 % (CVS-CJO), housing starts are advancing to +0.7%. They remain well oriented in the individual (+2.7% after +4.8 per cent), but retreated slightly in the group (including in residence) : – 0.6% after an increase of 2.4%.


In one year, with 38.2 million m2 of non-residential premises


For local non-residential, from June 2016 to may 2017, with 38.2 million m2 have been allowed to the construction and 24.4 million have been initiated. Compared to the previous twelve months, this represents an increase of 2.8% for the permissions and a more modest increase for housing starts (+0,2%).


From march to may 2017, 9.6 million m2 of non-residential premises have been licensed, and 6.3 million have been initiated. Compared to the same period of the year 2016, the permissions are a sharp increase (+ 7.4%), and housing starts remain dynamic (+ 3.0 per cent).

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