The connections for pv at the lowest

In the first quarter of 2017, the activity of pv installations has reached its lowest historical level. Figures that are very worrying for France Territory Solar which highlights the paradox between the application of the law of energy Transition and the difficulties encountered by the project promoters.
While France is launched in the ecological transition for the past several years, the pace of connection of photovoltaic installations continues to collapse. The year 2016 was completed on the lowest volume ever connected since 2010, with only 550 MW, and this trend continued in the first quarter of 2017 with +82 MW of additional power, “which is one of the worst quarters ever observed“, is concerned about the think-tank France Territory Solar. It is also noted, in the 22nd edition of the Observatory of solar photovoltaic energy, that, at the same time, 463 MW have been connected to the United Kingdom, five times more than in France !


The consumption has yet to impact


Antoine Huard, the president of the reflection group, said : “These figures are very worrying as the hope of a recovery of the connections in 2017 is showered by the poor performance of this 1st quarter (…) If this trend continues, we can estimate that only 9 GW will be connected to the end of 2018, which is below the act’s objectives of multi-annual Programming of energy, which set the target for solar pv to 10.2 GW“. A gap of nearly 12 % that it would be difficult to fill quickly.


More in detail, the first three months of the year were marked by a slight recovery of the most small facilities (less than 9 kW), but the overall level remained low at about +20 MW. The consumption would therefore have had no impact and would not compensate for the decrease in volume of the largest installations. Good news, however, the medium-sized roofs (between 9 and 100 kW) are adjusted to achieve +30 MW in the quarter. But things degrade as and to the extent that the facilities are more powerful. For large roofs (between 100 and 250 kW), the connections stabilized at +6 MW, a very low level, while for very large roofs (between 250 and 1,000 kW), France Territory Solar note “the almost total absence of connection“. Finally, on the power plants whose power exceeds one megawatt, the Observatory speaks to fall, with only +27 MW , and the absence of connection of the installation of over 5 MW.


Delays and opacity in the AO
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The think-tank identifies several causes for delaying a number of projects or abandon them, “said Antoine Huard, before continuing : “tendering is a hitherto open to projects little mature (building permit not obtained), we believe that, depending on the segments, 30% and 50% of projects never see the light of day. The other projects are often delayed by the delay increasing to obtaining the administrative permissions, the response time of the requests for adjustments (prescribed in the specifications of the project) as a result of failures of suppliers, delays… not to mention the projects that are waiting to find their economic balance“. But what can you do to resolve these difficulties ?


France Territory Solar considers prejudicial to the lack of transparency surrounding the award of tenders and the realization of the winning projects. For the focus group, the lack of essential information, hampers the efficiency of the public ordering. It is therefore recommended to publish guidance on all projects such as power and the average price per family, the power and the number of projects that are not holders of a permit to build at the time of the filing of their case, or those who have not formed a bank guarantee, this is to adapt the mechanisms of support. The prospect of a recovery of the pv in 2017 seems to gently move…

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