The concern about the economic programme of the FN is increasingly heard

PRESIDENTIAL 2017. Exit from the Euro, customs barriers, retirement at 60 years… of business leaders, as organizations, take the floor to say their concern at the proposals including economic, of the candidate of the FN, Marine Le Pen. Read their op-eds and open letters.
The positions will multiply during the period between the two rounds of the presidential election. Frédéric Coirier, chairman of the management board of the group Poujoulat had already split a letter with its 1500 employees to encourage them not to vote for the extremes during this election. Other leaders, of the world of industry or professional organisations, now take the word to alarm the electorate in particular on the economic program proposed by the National Front.


The output of the Euro, a disaster for Veolia as much as for an SME


Among them, for example, Antoine Frérot, ceo of Veolia, has been expressed in the columns of les Echos. He writes : “The attentive analysis of the program of Marine Le Pen allows you to detect the consequences on the activities of a company such as Veolia“. And then pass on the economic aspects : “apart from the TPE and SMES, the National Front displays a vision of great distrust vis-à-vis companies, whereas it is they who create wealth and jobs. As if it wasn’t possible for a company to grow without being antisocial ! As if the large companies had not first been SMES that have succeeded ! As if France must regret having given birth to numerous world leaders“. The p-dg emphasised the “risks” posed by the application of this program on the “political stability” in the country “essential trade” and investment that will finance the modernization of infrastructure, research and the revival of the industry, according to him. On the single currency, it drives the point home : “As to the output of the Euro, it would be a disaster for the French companies and the people“. The flagship measure of Marine Le Pen “would result in the increase in the price of raw materials and imported goods, as well as the increase in the prices of a lot of industrial investment“. Antoine Frérot concludes : “the Closing of borders and isolation, I was never seemed to be a solution (…) That would weigh only 65 million French people, in the face of 7 billion humans ? It is better to review the functioning of Europe rather than leave it“. Always in Les Echos, Martin Bouygues, ceo of the group of BTP, said laconically : “The choice of Marine Le Pen, I do not consider. The economic disaster, very little for me. The world is already hard enough like that“.


The same holds true for Marie-Hélène Radigon, vice-president of ESP Group, a SME specialized in the manufacturing of pumps and pump systems for the transport of industrial wastewater. A company of a different size than the behemoths of the past which performs 3 M€ of annual turnover, and exports a quarter of its production to China. The leader book the tribune : “The exit from the Euro would be a catastrophe for a business like mine. The currency would collapse, interest rates would increase, it would not be possible to invest. In such a scenario, I put the key in the door and I am going elsewhere“. It focuses on the difficulties that would also be taxes on imports : “We are distributors in France of Italian products specific to our market. If these products are taxed, I will not be able to sell at a competitive price to my customers“. According to her, “all SMBS with a few international suppliers-european“. An exit from the single currency would also result in administrative complications and banking to make transfers. Marie-Hélène Radigon says : “Go back, it would be a waste of time and money“.


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Frédéric Coirier, Poujoulat, insists on the same points : “The companies that are going well in France are those who have made the choice of the international“. According to the president of the management board, the programme of the Front National “is deadly” since it cut the companies of their markets, and that it adds to their costs. He also wondered about the ability to finance the various measures put forward, including the retirement at 60 years, which could only be done, according to him, that the way of increased expenses : “With a backpack full of stones, how to run ?“. But the presidents of SMES, intermediate-sized companies or multinational corporations are not the only ones to be alarmed by the high scores of the FN. Union representatives or professional organizations have also issued press releases in this sense.


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