The completion of the tower of 1,000 meters pushed back a year in saudi Arabia

The world record awaits : the inauguration of the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, which must be the first human construction to exceed one kilometre in height, has been postponed to 2019. The fall in oil prices would have complicated the financing of this operation titanic.
The project has been delayed (…) but it will be completed in 2019“, said prince Al-Walid bin Talal, who leads the group Kingdom Holding Co, developer of the Kingdom Tower, the tower of over 1,000 meters in height, is currently under construction in Jeddah. For the time, more than 30 floors of concrete structure have been completed, but construction has been slowed down. Initiated in 2011, the project had actually started in April 2014, when the price of oil had collapsed, disrupting the economy of saudi arabia and in particular the group of BTP Bin Laden, who is part of the consortium.


The bar of 200 metres is exceeded at December 2016 © Ammer Shaker – Wikimedia CC


The building racked up the superlatives with 200 floors and 59 elevators, double-deck, Kone ultra-fast, capable of reaching a vertical speed of 10 meters/second and over distances of 660 meters. Foundations, for their part, burrow 60 meters in the ground.


But its title as the highest human construction could be transient : Dubai, which owns the current world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa (828 metres), has already launched the construction of a viewing tower light announced as surpassing all records.
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In China, another construction record, supposed to reach 838 meters, to taunt the tower, a dubai-based of only 10 meters, had finally seen the light of day : the work had been halted barely started, for questions of permissions and security, 2013. The tower Burj Khalifa will keep it for a long time her title ?


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