The commercial real estate demand ever more environmental certifications

The last Barometer of the environmental certification in the non-residential real estate reveals the growing interest of european players in this market, for the quality marks related to the sustainability and well-being. Check out which of the major brands HQE, BREEAM, LEED or DGNB, dominate in the capitals of the Old continent.
For its fourth edition, the Barometer of the environmental certification Green Walkthrough widens the angle of view : he is interested now five certifications (HQE, BREEAM, LEED, DGNB and WELL) and take a look at our neighbours, in order to better situate the dynamics observed in France in this field. Ella Etienne, the director general of the cabinet of council in strategy, said : “Our edition 2017 is interested in trends of certification in 21 european countries and thus meets the expectation of the number of players in the real estate portfolios of assets and, more generally, the concerns associated with the real estate and the sustainable city, beyond the horizon strictly national“.
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The Luxembourg amazing european leader


At european level, the environmental certification, is experiencing a strong growth in the tertiary sector (offices and retail), with 15.571 projects certified or in the process of being at the end of 2016 (+22 %). On this number, 13.313 projects were new or under renovation (+15 %) and 2.438 were already in operation (+61 %). In absolute terms, large countries such as Britain, France or Germany are crushing the landscape. But Green Walkthrough offers to weight the rankings by reducing the number of environmental certifications in the workforce. And it is the Luxembourg , which draws its pin from the play, with 1 project certified new or refurbished for 9.133 assets, due to a restricted population (274.000 active only) and a high proportion of services. The country is ahead of the United Kingdom (1 project certified for 9.290 assets) and France (1: 20.058). For certifications operating, the Grand duchy has renewed its performance : with 29 certified projects, it achieved the excellent average of one project for 9.448 assets. He dominates this time the Sweden (1: 17.040) and Belgium (1 to 21.211).


City of Frankfurt © Mylius – Wikimedia CC


The study went on to make a zoom on the various major economic capitals of europe. Ella Etienne announced : “We also wanted to offer a perspective at the urban scale, and center shall, in connection with decision-making operational of the actors : we have highlighted key data for the Greater Paris, Greater London, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg“. In France, three cities stand out in the rankings : Paris (227 projects new/renovated and 164 projects in operation), Boulogne-Billancourt (39+23) and Lyon (31+13). The capital city and all its suburbs overwrite so the discussions with, in all, 1.480 certified projects (+21 %), mainly in office buildings (88 %). Not surprisingly, it is the French certification HQE which arrives at the head (71% of cases) in front of the british BREEAM (25 %). In London, the situation is different, with a market 1.641-certified projects, of which only 43 % are offices and 18 % of businesses. The barometer note : “The certification BREEAM predominates clearly and represents the major part (90 %) of certified projects in the Greater London area, in the tertiary sector in general“. In Germany, the study focuses on four strategic cities for real estate investors. Despite a large total population and the presence of an international financial center in Frankfurt, only 578 projects were certified at the end of 2016 (+22 %), demonstrating a slight delay in the country in the field. Beyond the Rhine, what are the certifications of germany (DGNB) and american (LEED), which are the most requested.


More than a tool of communication, a lever for economic
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Green Walkthrough concludes : “There is a growing interest of players in the commercial real estate in Europe for the certification of sustainability and well-being : more than just tools and ethical communication, they are perceived and used as levers of economic major“. A trend that would in the majors-seat real estate on the continent and that will cause the consulting firm strategy to further expand its panel in the next editions of the barometer.


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