The Cnoa is pleased with the validation of thresholds for the use of the architect

ALLOWED to ADJUST. The national Council of the Order of architects has recognised the end of the controversy about the utilization thresholds for a architects in an article published on its website.
“Close to the ban !” This is the conclusion of a short text published on the website of the national Council of the Order of architects (Cnoa), in response to the recent decision of the Council of State not to refer to the constitutional Council, two decrees introducing two thresholds for mandatory recourse to an architect (for a building or for a subdivision).


With the fixing of these thresholds, the legislature has “pursued an objective of general interest”


“The Council of State has just returned dryly the national Union of architecture and masters of work (Unamo) and the higher Council of the Order of the land surveyors in their expensive studies, and, despite their request, it is not, it will not seize the constitutional Council. The thresholds for the use of the architect for the building permit and construction does not harm the freedom to take”, says with a hint of irony, the Cnoa.


The Order then refers to the arguments of the two parties. Thus, the Council of State was not detected in the two thresholds, a”disproportionate interference with the freedom of entrepreneurship”. “The legislature has intended to impose the architect in the interest of the quality of buildings in the future and of their insertion in the landscape natural or urban, and has thus pursued a goal of general interest.”

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