The City of the castle of Langueau, a rehabilitation complex on a heritage site

HERITAGE. In Picardy, an old industrial city has been fully restored. The challenge was to the size of the social landlord and the architect, since that this whole area is included in the inventory of historical Monuments. Return on a rehabilitation non-standard with the stakeholders of the project.
Included in the inventory of Historical Monuments since 2008, the City of the Castle has been fully restored. The project, which is spread out over several years, has focused both on the repair of roads, networks and lighting, but also and above all on the renovation of houses built in the 20s and the building of 55 new housing units.


But if the houses of yesteryear were real strainers thermal, rehabilitation was not so easy to do, since all changes had to be submitted for approval to the architects of the Bâtiments de France. Among the constraints : the conservation of the façades. And of course, all this had also adhered to the tight budget of the employer, ICF Habitat Nord-est. After much deliberation on the fate and transformation of these houses, the bet is successful. ICF Habitat Nord-est is now proud to present this programme for which 43 houses have been renovated and 55 new-built while respecting the historic architecture.


Romuald Sarraute, Responsible for heritage ICF Habitat Nord-est, and Valerie Flicoteaux-Melling, Architect of the project of the agency 3+1 architects, return to this vast atypical work.


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