The chai Lam, a new setting for the wine tourism signed Wilmotte

The chai Lam, the domain of Paul Dubrule, co-founder of the Accor group and creator of the superior Council of Wine tourism, was inaugurated on Thursday 8 June. At the heart of the Luberon mountains, this place of vinification, renovated by the Agency Wilmotte & Associates, is dedicated also to the discovery of wine.
In the middle of the vineyards of the Luberon, Cucuron, a few kilometers from Lourmarin, stands a large dry stone wall in the region of 80 metres long and 8 metres of height : under the beam IPN, which connects its two parts, here’s the entry from the Run, a former industrial building of vinification of years 70, become a chai of exception and the new mecca of wine tourism, signed Jean-Michel Wilmotte.


Stone, wood, glass, stainless steel


An architectural building that accompanies the process of rebirth of the area, property of Paul Dubrule, co-founder of the Accor group and creator of the superior Council of Wine tourism. Then the winemaker applies to give the wine its letters of nobility, the architect has revived the winery. “The wine is the signature of a know-how, the translation of the story of the men who live on these lands,” for Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who tells us the genesis of his achievement. The story of an encounter with Paul Dubrule, on the occasion of a dinner ; their mutual admiration which is born a friendship, and their confrontation of ideas – everyone has the personality they’re known for – this common achievement.


Jean-Michel Wilmotte has followed the “the trials and tribulations of a hotelier who wanted to become a winemaker” to resume the words of Paul Dubrule. Seven years were required to complete the work of this chai, whose activity in-situ has, meanwhile, never stopped.


Past the porch, a long and wide corridor pierces the building hand in hand. The technical part of the tanks is rendered visible from each side of the path and, upon entering, the visitor is “thrust into the heart of the winemaking process.” Looking up towards the sky, he could even see during the harvest, the tractor moving towards the roof from a ramp dedicated, and who, by a conquet single, discharged directly to the grapes in the vats.


Front scratched open on the vine


The discovery of the wine, its vinification processes, its codes and languages, the region, its flora and fauna that add to the subtlety, that is the whole purpose of this place dedicated to wine tourism.


“Combining ERP with a technical tool,” while enabling the continuation of the business has been the biggest challenge of the project, explains Laurent Brunier, in charge of the project to the agency Wilmotte & Associates. The shop in the grey soil of Sérame and the furniture designed with care, offer a setting for a stage design modular. Extending his steps, the visitor can finally enjoy a terrace open to the vineyard and admire the façade of this side, which features a coating scratched single, proposed and realized by the teams of architects of the region and has implemented the project, Bruno James.

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