The Catacombs will offer a new outlet soothing and bright

IMAGES. From April 2017, the output of the catacombs of Paris, in the Fourteenth arrondissement of Paris, has changed. The exit door of the historic site has been redesigned to allow visitors to keep their minds in sweetness. Discovery.
This is a new experience that can live to the visitors of the catacombs of Paris. From April 2017, the output, situated on the Avenue René Coty (Fourteenth arrondissement), has been completely redeveloped by the agency architect Yoonseux. This last won the competition launched by the city of Paris. The town hall has been seduced “by the work plastic and our ability to transform images into reality“, explains Philippe Seux, architect of the project.


This project was “compact and constrained” because it should for example take into account the different functions of the building while maintaining its usage, and this in a short period of time. During the six months of work, the teams of the master’s work had, for example, ensure the ventilation of the sub-soils to ensure the safety of visitors, but also to avoid the spread of fungi.


The site was closed only for a month, the time to allow crews to work on the basement party and to transfer the security line, originally installed to Denfert-Rochereau, in the new building. Building which also houses the exit of the catacombs, of course, but also the boutique and its own access to the control station, personnel offices and technical premises. “In this space constrains, we had to make a living for all of these uses, “explains the architect.


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