The castle of Chambord in the call to the sponsorship to save his pregnant

HERITAGE. The national Domain of Chambord has launched a call to the sponsorship to ensure the restoration of its curtain wall, along a distance of 32 km. Details.
Registered as a historic monument, the château de Chambord is a tourist site French a must. The former residence of king François 1st is surrounded by a wall of impressive dimensions, which are the Domain of Chambord, the largest enclosed park in Europe. The perimeter of the wall is 32 km on a height of 3 to 4 metres.


While a restoration campaign, funded by the ministry of Culture, is already committed to preserve the twelve gaps, the Domain of Chambord has launched an appeal to the patronage to reach the 5 million euros necessary for preventive maintenance.
In a press release, the Area of Chambord states that the two projects are to achieve a “matter of urgency”. The first relates to a portion of 500 linear metres for which 250,000 euros is required. The second is a slice of 750 linear metres, corresponding to a budget of 375.000 euros.


Vine Chambord. Wall of the enclosure of the Field © (c) Léonard de Serres

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