The business failures fall heavily in the CONSTRUCTION industry

According to figures published by the Bank of France, the number of failing firms in the construction sector is in significant decline over twelve months.
On a rolling year to march 2017, the business failures in the CONSTRUCTION sector declined by 12.6%. If one takes only into account the last three months, the decline is 7.8%. This is particularly evident from the latest figures published by the Bank of France on 15 may 2017. In march, 13.195 construction companies have put the key under the door.


On the year, all sectors are in decline in terms of failures, except in the sectors of agriculture (+9.2%) and transport (+2,6%). After the CONSTRUCTION, civil engineering, sector of activity where falling is the most high, come from the industry (-7,5%), trade (-6,8%), accommodation/restaurants (6.8%) and financial activities and insurance (-5,8%). If we take into account the whole of the economy, business failures declined 6.6% twelve-month rolling period.

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