The Anah opens its aid for condominiums in trouble

A decree published in the official journal of 7 may 2017 endorse the extension of the aid of the national Agency of habitat (Anah) for condominiums fragile.
A decree of may 5, published in the OJ of 7, relating to the organization and aid of the national Agency of habitat (Anah), broadens the scope of the beneficiaries of the aid offered by the organization. This text “will allow the renovation of condominiums in facilitating the processing of condominium degraded, and it opens the field of grant of aid for condominiums fragile to sharpen the focus on the energy renovation of the existing fleet”. Moreover, the text elaborates on the accumulation of these aids with other devices, such as the zero-rate loan for.


This decree takes note of various measures included in the law for access to housing and urban renovated (Alur), march 2014, like the introduction of the lease of rural or clarification on condos in difficulty.


In addition, the internal operation of the Anah is renovated, for example by deletion of two entities deemed unnecessary and the addition of a jurisdiction of internal control and audit to the board of directors.


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