The amendment of the law SRU : nothing is decided reminds the government

REACTION. While a national consultation is launched in anticipation of a future law accommodation, a daily announcement that the government has decided to reopen the sensitive issue of the law on solidarity and urban renewal (SRU) and reveals the tracks that would be considered. The response of the ministry of territorial Cohesion was not long in coming.
The information from the daily newspaper Le Monde dated 18 August, concerning the development or easing of the act, CCS does not reflect the trade-offs of the Government“, one can read in the introduction of the press release of the ministry of the Cohesion of the territories sent in response to the publication of an article in the daily.


Three tracks of advanced


According to this article, the Government would have “decided to reopen the sensitive issue of the law on solidarity and urban renewal (SRU), in particular, that of his much-discussed article 55, which is fixed to the communes subject to the requirement to have, by 2020 or 2025, a fleet of over 20 % to 25 % social housing“. The newspaper argues that the “Government considers, first, to repel the 2025 deadline in order to give municipalities time to catch up and thus “enhance the credibility and effectiveness of the law”“.


The newspaper also raises the possibility that either “created a park intermediate“, including “rents would be between those of the private sector and those of the HLM“. A track that would already be jumping the HLM organizations, and the association Right to housing. This last called upon to present at an event in Paris next August 31 in order to “toughen the law SRU and not the watered down“, indicates the article of the World.


Finally, the last track that would be considered, according to the information of the newspaper, would be to put the burden of inter-municipal associations, with a local urban plan, the financial penalties.


Immediate reaction of the ministry of territorial Cohesion
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Information that the department has, therefore, immediately contradicted by way of a press release. He recalls that “in the framework of the preparation of this roadmap, “the minister Jacques Mézard and his secretary of State Julian Denormandie “have decided to launch a broad national dialogue” and that it is open until 10 September 2017, “in order to collect the proposals of the professionals of the sector, associations and elected officials, the nearest territories“.
The ministry stressed that “this cooperation involves technical exchanges, and informal, with different actors and directors, “and indicates that “tothis day, hundreds of contributions have already been issued” and that “all the proposals are analysed to inform the trade-offs to come“. He especially recalls that he “will present his strategy housing during a communication in the Council of ministers in September“.


Finally, on the question of the law SRU, the government argues that “his attachment to the principles of the law SRU” and in its application, it says “he will take the utmost account of the opinion of the national commission established under article L. 302-9-1-1 the code of construction and housing and chaired by Thierry Repentin“.

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